Champagne PIAFF @ Pub in the Park

This summer, Champagne PIAFF joins Pub in the Park as the official Champagne sponsor for 2019. Champagne PIAFF will play host to Pub in the Park visitors at each of the eight festivals happening across the UK, from Marlow in May to St Albans in September.

Now in its second instalment, Pub in the Park is the UK's fastest growing food and music festival. Alongside Michelin-starred pop-up pubs, great live music, and chef demonstrations, Champagne PIAFF will host a traditional long table where visitors can experience handcrafted Champagne. The team are excited to add a little French spirit to the festival and to welcome guests to the PIAFF tent.

“We are delighted to be joining Pub in the Park as official Champagne partner. Tom Kerridge and his team have created a phenomenal event for people to enjoy the summer, and Champagne PIAFF is the perfect finishing touch,” says Ryon Head, Champagne PIAFF’s UK Director.

Rooted in the birthplace of champagne, the founders of Champagne Piaff embarked on their own journey to become a part of this Champagne legacy. 

Champagne owes its name to the Champagne region in France where it first came to be. But what do we know about the place that gifted us the indulgent sparkling wine that has won the hearts, and taste buds, of so many people around the world? 

First, that it is a place entirely unsuitable for grape growing. But as the French say, quand on a pas ce que l’on aime, il faut aimer ce que l’on a. Simply put: 

“When one doesn’t have the things that one loves, 

one must love what one has.” 

And so without the good fortune of winemakers who found themselves in Bordeaux or Burgundy, Champagne winemakers set about producing something little different.

In the next few weeks, the PIAFF team will also be inviting selected guests to join them at each of the eight festivals. Follow Champagne PIAFF on social media to catch announcements or purchase your tickets online through the Pub in the Park website.

Champagne PIAFF was hailed at New York Champagne Week as ‘the Champagne House of the digital age’, and is available exclusively online, in limited supply. Orders are delivered directly to Champagne lovers in the UK within 48 hours, from Château PIAFF du Ru Jacquier, PIAFF’s 17th century home in France. 

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30% Pinot Meunier 

35% Pinot Noir 

35% Chardonnay

Elegant yet lively with a complex vanilla finish and a hint of oak on the back of the palate.


30% Pinot Meunier 

35% Pinot Noir 

35% Chardonnay

A delightful and generous summer time Rosé Champagne.


100% Chardonnay

A delicate yet persistent mousse highlights soft floral notes on the nose with a hint of almonds and fresh hazelnuts.

Champagne PIAFF