It’s all in a name – why PIAFF? - Champagne PIAFF

It’s all in a name – why PIAFF?

Style, character, and a struggle that has made France synonymous with dreams uncompromised? Two things come to mind: Champagne and Edith Piaf. And it’s here that the Champagne PIAFF story begins.

Champagne is a joy for the senses but its creation is a job that is never done and following in the footsteps of the 15th century pioneers is our daily inspiration.

Wine had been a longstanding tradition across France when, in the late 1400s, temperatures across Europe dropped so low that both the River Thames and the canals of Venice froze. The extreme cold halted the fermentation process of the red and white wines being made by monks in the Champagne region, and when the spring arrived with its warmer weather, the wines began to ferment again.

Rooted in the birthplace of champagne, the founders of Champagne Piaff embarked on their own journey to become a part of this Champagne legacy. 

Champagne owes its name to the Champagne region in France where it first came to be. But what do we know about the place that gifted us the indulgent sparkling wine that has won the hearts, and taste buds, of so many people around the world? 

First, that it is a place entirely unsuitable for grape growing. But as the French say, quand on a pas ce que l’on aime, il faut aimer ce que l’on a. Simply put: 

“When one doesn’t have the things that one loves, 

one must love what one has.” 

And so without the good fortune of winemakers who found themselves in Bordeaux or Burgundy, Champagne winemakers set about producing something little different.

This produced an excess of carbon dioxide inside the wine bottles, creating unexpected bubbles. At first, the monks attempted to halt the second fermentation but eventually, as they do, tastes changed and an appreciation for the sparkling bubbles developed in French high society.

What followed was 300 years of research, dedication and innovation – making small advancements in the art of Champagne production.

Today, Maxime Mansard, our chief winemaker, continues this work of creating Champagne with a heart and dedication passed down through five generations of his winemaking family.

So, why PIAFF?

The second part of our story – our namesake – is a familiar one.


Across the globe, France’s ‘little sparrow’, Edith Piaf, found a following who came to adore, respect, and cherish her. Piaf, despite a difficult and tragic life, became a beloved icon through her distinctive voice and dramatic style. She embodied all the flair, style, and personality associated with France and it is from her la vie en rose that we take our inspiration for Champagne PIAFF.

Pour l’amour de la vie

We create each and every bottle of PIAFF in the spirit of loving life simply as it is. We approach each new day as a new opportunity to refine our art. 

Like the ‘little sparrow’, Champagne grows from adversity. The soil in the Champagne region is chalky, and the summers are short, so the grapes are higher in acid and lower in sugar. 

Still with love, devotion and constant attention to detail, these grapes are transformed into an experience filled with so many elements that it is almost too difficult to describe.

We pride ourselves on rising to this challenge with uncompromising commitment and passion. 

What could be more French? 


30% Pinot Meunier 

35% Pinot Noir 

35% Chardonnay

Elegant yet lively with a complex vanilla finish and a hint of oak on the back of the palate.


30% Pinot Meunier 

35% Pinot Noir 

35% Chardonnay

A delightful and generous summer time Rosé Champagne.


100% Chardonnay

A delicate yet persistent mousse highlights soft floral notes on the nose with a hint of almonds and fresh hazelnuts.