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Rooted in the birthplace of champagne, the founders of Champagne Piaff embarked on their own journey to become a part of this Champagne legacy. 

Champagne owes its name to the Champagne region in France where it first came to be. But what do we know about the place that gifted us the indulgent sparkling wine that has won the hearts, and taste buds, of so many people around the world? 

First, that it is a place entirely unsuitable for grape growing. But as the French say, quand on a pas ce que l’on aime, il faut aimer ce que l’on a. Simply put: 

“When one doesn’t have the things that one loves, 

one must love what one has.” 

And so without the good fortune of winemakers who found themselves in Bordeaux or Burgundy, Champagne winemakers set about producing something little different.


Champagne PIAFF gold logo

This is Champagne PIAFF’s flagship logo and is used on a black or white background


Champagne PIAFF white logo

This is Champagne PIAFF’s flagship logo and is used on a black background


Champagne PIAFF black logo

This is Champagne PIAFF’s flagship logo and is used on a white background


PIAFF Brut NV 750ml

Elegant yet lively with a complex vanilla finish and a hint of oak on the back of the palate


PIAFF Rosé NV Brut 750ml

A delightful and generous summer time Rosé champagne


PIAFF Blanc de Blancs NV 750ml

An excellent example of a premium Blanc de Blancs Champagne


PIAFF Champagne Collection

A collection of the best champagne produced by PIAFF in the heart of the pristine vineyards of the Marne River valley outside Épernay

Champagne PIAFF